Getting Ready
Getting Ready…
McLaughlin Auctioneers realize that getting ready for and auction can be a very stressful at time. We can assist you or completely set up your auction.
Our brochure “Tips For Successful Auction” will give you many helpful suggestions to help you prepare for your auction. From cleaning of equipment to displaying small items, it will help you organize your auction in a way to assure top dollar for your merchandise. Also, the sale order in which your items are sold can make a big difference in what they will sell for. In most cases, our experienced staff will come in a day or two before your auction to establish the order of sale, and to make sure that everything is ready for auction day.
We have platforms and flatbed trailers available to display small items. Our large canopy tent can be used to place furniture under if necessary. We will arrange for a licensed food service to serve lunch at your auction, and can also provide or arrange portable restrooms.If you are auctioning your Real Estate, open houses are scheduled and “bidder packages” are prepared. Your title work is put into motion as well as your preliminary closing work. We will assess your property and make suggestions on repairs or improvements that may pay off on auction day.